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This particular product requires a careful selection of materials that must combine the demands of flexibility, softness and adaptability to the hat with those of absolute safety in contact with the operator’s forehead.

The sweatbands can have different types of materials:

– calfskin

– pig skin

– goatskin

– suede

– regenerated leather

– eco-leather

All materials are tested and the values analyzed comply with the limits imposed by law.

The sweatbands we supply is usually  slightly arched to allow, once mounted to the cap, a perfect fit.

It can be manufactured, according to the customer’s needs, with a plastic or cotton edge sewn in a zig-zag pattern on the part that will be mounted on the cap in contact with the operator’s forehead.

At the  customer’s request we can provide alludes with the company logo; this is usually printed in gold, silver or neutral color; in case of orders, other colors can be evaluated.

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