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The visor is one of the fundamental parts of the cap, one of the most visible and most handled; it must therefore be able to respond to excellent visual and technical qualities.

The visors we produce are made in different shapes and materials to meet the needs of our customers or state specifications.

We can usually supply visors in:

– plastic

– leather

– regenerated leather

– eco-leather

– tissue

We are available to study new product technologies with our customers, assessing the feasibility of the project together.


The external edge of the visor can be finished with a stitched edge or have a clean cut colored according to the type of visors and  the customer’s needs.

The plastic cap edge can be assembled in different ways and can be produced in different colors.

You can have an ornament with a golden or silver line at the center of the edge itself.

We have moulds for the production of about 1.000 different shapes, and we have always been available to the customer  to evaluate new models together.

On certain types of visors the shape can be drawn and cut automatically by us, avoiding waiting times for the production of new moulds.

A few days after receiving the samples, we can also have the customer test the quality of our products, with the materials we usually have in stock.

In the case of raw materials not usually used, thanks to the excellent network of suppliers, we can produce the samples in a short time.

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