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Given the great experience we gained in the field of regenerated leather fibers, we have decided to develop our expertise at the service of ecology, in order to reduce waste and squandering of resources

We have therefore produced a coaster in regenerated leather fibers (Certified Leather Standard by OEKO-TEX), made from the recycling of no longer usable leather scraps from leather-processing companies; these scraps are shredded and then mixed with vegetable tanning agents, rubber, natural fats and water.

This material can be produced in a wide variety of finishes and colors, visually

similar to leather.

These coasters can have the shape that best suits your needs; furthermore they can be customized with hot stamping of: logos, product types, event names,…,depending on your requests.


The advantage of this coaster compared to those made of paper which can usually be found on the market, is that it can be reused over and over again.

The only necessary care will be to clean it with a rag and sanitizer (or cleaning product) in between uses.

Considering that each coaster may be used at least 500 times,the amount of waste could be considerably reduced.

We’ll leave to you the opportunity to test the durability of these coasters.

We are at your disposal to provide samples.

To the best of our knowledge any paper object, when dirty, must be disposed in the

undifferentiated waste.

It is easy to calculate by how much the volume of this kind of waste may be reduced and therefore aim at reaching together an excellent GREEN goal.

At the same time we think that by using a more noble material, even with higher cost due to raw materials, you could still achieve significant economic savings, since the eco- leather coaster may be reused many times, providing at the same time a very high quality product that will enhance your brand.

We think that an object in regenerated leather fibers can give a quality touch.

We remain at your disposal for questions, samples or anything else.

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